Nursery Container Mix - Product Spec Sheets

AG-400 OrganaGro Planter Mix
OrganiGro® Planter Mix is a pre-moistened blend of carefully selected materials such as, OrganiGro® compost, peat moss, pumice, washed nursery sand and sandy loam topsoil. AG-400 is formulated for all landscape planting applications such as ground cover planting, flowers, vegetable gardens, container mix plantings, shrubs and trees.

Thoroughly composted wood products that prevent rapid fiber breakdown along with the highest quality peat moss are used for its water retention features. AG-400 OrganiGro® Planter Mix contains the nutrients and minerals needed to establish root growth and to maintain long-lasting healthy plant life.

AG-380 Washed Nursery Sand
AG Organics provides a superior aggregate in our AG-380 Washed Nursery Sand. This product is derived from washed and screened crushed granite from local Southern California areas. Material washing eliminates the organic
matter and almost all of the silt and clay.

AG-380 Washed Nursery Sand has many uses other than the Ready Mix and Precast Industries. It can also be used in the Landscape Industry for planting palm trees, in custom soil mixes and in Bio-Swale / Retention Pond and Drainage construction projects.

AG-314 Class A Top Soil
AG-314 Class A Topsoil is a screened sandy loam soil that is free of debris and toxins. Our Class A Topsoil has been screened to a 1/4″ minus material and weighs approximately 110 lbs. per cubic foot on a dry weight basis. This is an all-purpose soil product, which is considered a premium product due to its purity. Ideal use for this product is for any and all standard planting and backfilling.

AG-314 meets the criteria of CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) requirements for approval as well as Green Book and Caltrans requirements.

AG 140 Premium Forest Compost Spec
AG-140 Premium Forest Compost is a composted leafy green product. Premium Forest Compost will help neutralize the pH in soils along with enhancing soil fertility by adding essential nutrients to the soil. This will allow for stronger root growth and healthier plant material. Ideal uses are as a soil amendment to native soils or in soil blends. Premium Forest Compost can also be used with or without added fertilizers for sports field over-seed and turf areas. Being a 1/2″ minus compost, Premium Forest Compost will help aerate soils and will increase drainage when added.

AG-140 Premium Forest Compost is produced in compliance with USCC (United States Composting Council) Standards and meets the criteria of CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) requirements for approval as well as Green Book and
Caltrans Specs.

The Nursery Container Mix from AG Soil is unparalleled in quality and offers an exceptional aggregate product. Our Planter Mix is enriched with vital nutrients and minerals, promoting strong root development and sustaining vibrant and hearty plant growth over time.

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